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Free Shipping on all orders over $50.00

Temple Fork TFO BVK Sealed Drag Fly Reel

Original price $229.95 - Original price $259.95
Original price
$229.95 - $259.95
Current price $229.95


ITEM                          REEL/SPOOL    DIAMETER   WIDTH   WEIGHT   CAPACITY

TFR BVK SD I              Reel                   3.25"            1.25"      4.6oz        75 yards/20lb./WF4F

TFR BVK SD I SS         Spool                

TFR BVK SD II             Reel                   3.75"            1.03"      4.9oz        200 yards/20lb./WF5F

TFR BVK SD II SS        Spool

TFR BVK SD III            Reel                   4.10"            1.03"      5.2oz        205 yards/20lb./WF8F

TFR BVK SD III SS       Spool    

TFR BVK SD III+          Reel                   4.30"            1.03"      6.0oz        175 yards/20lb./WF10F

TFR BVK SD III+ SS     Spool                

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