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Free Shipping on all orders over $50.00
Free Shipping on all orders over $50.00

Rod and Reel Trade In

Looking to upgrade to a new rod or reel? Check out the rod and reel trade in program. Follow the steps to get an instant quote for your rod/reel and get store credit to put towards new gear!

How it works

  • Step 1: Get an instant quote for current model rods on our instant quotes page
  • Step 2: Ship your rod or reel to us at the Mt. Holly Springs store: 502 North Baltimore Ave Mt. Springs Pa 17065
  • Step 3: Get shop credit to put towards new gear

The final value of your rod will be sent to you in the form of a gift card that can be used for up to one year after it is issued.

Quote prices are not final, once we get your gear and assess the condition of the rod or reel, we will send you our final offer. If the rod/reel meets our standards of an 8+ condition and has all components necessary, the final value will match the value of the instant quote.

If our final offer is below the original price and not acceptable to you, we will ship the rod back.

In some circumstances the rod length and weight may affect the final offer.

Trade In Policy

  • • Trade in credit can be used for new gear only not used
  • • Instant quotes are for the newest rod model
  • • Instant quotes are not set in stone once product is received, we send a final offer based off of the condition of the rod
  • • Instant rod quotes assume original rod tube and sock (If not retract 5% for each missing aspect)
  • • Reels without pouches drop price 5%
  • • We will take spare spools to sell with a reel, but it does not increase the price of the set up
  • • We accept rods made by the manufacturer only no custom builds
  • • The customer pays to ship the rod to us at Precision Fly And Tackle at: 502 North Baltimore Ave Mt. Springs Pa 17065
  • • If the final quote does not match what you want, we cover shipping back to you
  • • All trade in credit will be valid for a year from the day the funds are put into the customer’s account
  • • All rods are sold as is with clear pictures and rating/description no returns accepted on used gear
  • • Once rod is accepted there is no taking back, if the person wants the rod back, they will have to buy it for the resale price
  • • Fly Line is not factored into trade values. You can keep your fly line if you would like, it does not increase or decrease the price of reel or spools
  • • All used rods are free shipping
  • • Please attach your Instant quote to all used rods/reels being mailed to Precision Fly and Tackle

Rating Your Gear

Rating Rods

  • 10 – Like new. This rod is very close to a new rod. The cork may be a little darker than brand new, but no different than a rod that was cast in the parking lot a few times.
  • 9 – Almost New. This rod has seen the water a few times. The cork may be slightly darker than new and may have a few small scratches.
  • 8 – Great. This is a very lightly used rod. Think of it as a rod that saw a week on the water for a certain trip. The blank and reel seat may have more frequent scratches. No structural damage to any portion of the rod.
  • 7 – Very Good. This rod has seen its days on the water. The cork will be dark and could have some scratches through the rod that are visible. Small cracks in the epoxy are possible. This rod is ready to fish and makes a great back up or new rod for targeting different fish.
  • 6 – Good. A rod that has seen many seasons on the water. The rod may have dark cork, and missing some filler in the cork. The rod will have scratches and damage to the epoxy around the guides. Bent guides are possible. The rod is 100% fishable but will look like a heavily used rod.
  • 5 and Below – Any rod rated 5 and below will not be fishable. Most of these rods will need some sort of repair to get on the water.

Rating Reels

  • 10 – Like New. The reel almost looks like it is fresh out of the box. Some small scratches around the reel seat.
  • 8 – Excellent. Small signs of wear. The reel may have scratches on the frame and spool.
  • 6 – Good. No structural damage the reel has signs of wear and tear from a good amount of time on the water.
  • 5 – Acceptable. Picture a reel from the early 2000’s that has been on a reliable 9ft 5wt for years. Plenty of cosmetic damage, but still fishable.

Find Your Gear

Find your gear below and add it to your quote. Don't forget to select the specific model(s) you are trading. If you don't, it shows up as blank in our system.

If you cannot find your gear in the table below, there is a text form on the next page where you can describe what you'd like to trade in.

Note: We only need a rating for your gear if it is in bad shape. If so, please let us know using the "other comments" section on the following page.