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Free Shipping on all orders over $50.00

Saltwater leader 3 pack

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$14.50 - $14.50
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  • Medium-stiff material with great knot strength
  • Easy casting taper design that casts typical saltwater flies
  • Maximum strength and abrasion resistance
Line Size Length Pack Size Diameter Test SKU
10ft/10lb 10ft (3.1m) Single .012in (.305mm) 10lb (5kg) 6-24285
10ft/12lb 10ft (3.1m) Single .014in (.356mm) 12lb (6kg) 6-24282
10ft/12lb 10ft (3.1m) 3 Pack .014in (.356mm) 12lb (6kg) 6-24651
10ft/16lb 10ft (3.1m) Single .015in (.381mm) 16lb (8kg) 6-24283
10ft/16lb 10ft (3.1m) 3 Pack .015in (.381mm) 16lb (8kg) 6-24652
10ft/20lb 10ft (3.1m) Single .017in (.432mm) 20lb (10kg) 6-24284
10ft/20lb 10ft (3.1m) 3 Pack .017in (.432mm) 20lb (10kg) 6-24653
10ft/25lb 10ft (3.1m) Single .020in (.508mm) 25lb (11.3kg) 6-24055
10ft/30lb 10ft (3.1m) Single .022in (.559mm) 30lb (13.6kg) 6-24056
10ft/40lb 10ft (3.1m) Single 0.024in (.610mm) 40lb (18.1kg) 6-24057
10ft/8lb 10ft (3.1m) Single .011in (.279mm) 8lb (4kg) 6-24281

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