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Confluence Net Release 2.0

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  • 11lb. Magnet Pull Force
  • 12” Coil Expands to 96”
  • Rubber strap to attach to top or bottom of net
  • Handcrafted in Colorado
  • Designed specifically for use on Nomad Hand and Native Nets but fits all models

Customer Reviews

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Glen H.
Please Release Me, Let Me Go…..

Enchanted by the concept of magnets to secure net to sling-pack. Built a new net, strung the new bag, fastened the Confluence Net Release 2.0, but….I had to exert so much down force to separate the magnets that the sling-pack came up to my throat - nearly an attempted homicide! Still enamored with the magnet concept, I attached two layers of blue painter’s tape to each active surface of the magnets and voila, I can remove detach the net without doing bodily injury. My new wooden net it just a ‘s-midge’ too wide for the orange silicone attachment too work so I have used a coated stainless steel wire cable key ring at the terminal end of the coiled bungee. Now all I have to do is catch some fish. (Photos upon request) Glen H. Darlington, MD.

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