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Precision Fly and Tackle is pleased and excited to offer a course that offers what one needs to get started in the exciting world of fly fishing. Throughout this 5 – 6 hour course, the instructor will explain the basic concepts and fundamentals of casting, equipment set up, fly selection, entomology, reading the water and knot tying, and much more. All equipment is included during the class if needed except for waders. There will be plenty of time to answer any questions which are very much welcomed throughout the instruction. Refreshments will be provided during the course. Lunch will not be provided so please feel free to bring along something to eat during our breaks. You will also need to have and bring along with you is a PA fishing license and trout stamp of which can be purchased online at

Course Locations:


Mt. Holly Store

Beaver Creek

Course Outline:

Classroom - 2.5 hours
• Choosing the correct equipment – Types of fly rods, types of fly reels, types of fly lines
• Setting up equipment – Backing, Fly Line, Leader, Tippet
• Basic knot Tying
• Fly Pattern Selection
• Basic intro to Entomology
• Trout Behavior

Casting - 1.0 hour, outside

• Basic Cast - overhead
• Roll Cast
• Tight line nymph techniques explained

Streamside - 1.5 hours

• Reading Water
• Presentation Techniques
• Tactics on Approach
• Putting what is learned to practice

Course Cost: $125 per individual

Payment can be made at any of the 3 Precision Fly and Tackle shops prior to the course date. Payment, as well as booking, can also be made via our website located at, and simply navigate to the course offerings by location.

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