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Susquehanna River

Stream: Susquehanna River
Date of Update: 7/11/2024
Author: Precision Fly & Tackle Staff
Highlight: Hit the evening hatches!  
Stream Level: steady
Water Temp: High 70's to low 80's 
Clarity: Tinted
Fishing Overview: Water levels bumped up from our most recent rain.  Evening hatches are bring fish to the top!
Specifics and Tips: Use an up-river approach when casting top water flies.  
What's Hatching: Damselflies, Dragonflies, Hellgrammites, Crayfish, Baitfish
Fly Patterns: Chocklett's Changer Claw - sz. 1/0, Surface Seducer - sz. 2 & 6, Mr. Wiggly - sz. 4, Shimmering Minnow - sz. 2, DB Crayfish - sz. 8, Deep Minnow - sz. 1-2


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