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Beaver Creek

Stream: Beaver Creek (Hagerstown, MD)
Date of Update: 7/11/2024
Author: Precision Fly & Tackle Staff
Highlight: Water levels were not affected by the rain.  
Stream Level: steady
Water Temp: 60 degrees
Clarity: clear
Fishing Overview: Fishing has been most productive early mornings and late evenings.  
Specifics and Tips: Fish early mornings with hopper droppers.  Have a stealth approach.
What's Hatching: Terrestrials, cress bugs, scuds, BWO's, Midges 
Fly Patterns: Black Ants - sz. 14-18 Mike's Magic Beetle - sz. 12 Simple Shrimp - sz. 16-18 Cress bug - sz 14-16 Snowshoe Emerger Baetis - sz. 14-18 Zebra Midge - sz 18-22 Hi-Viz Foam Ant - sz. 14


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