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Carp Gear Guide

Carp Gear Guide

Looking to get into fly fishing for Carp but not sure where to start? Check out this guide from Erik Paules on the gear you will need to start chasing down Carp on the fly!

Everyone’s first question when targeting a new fish is “what gear do I need?” Just remember while having the right gear is important, technique and presentation are much more important. With that being said, the job of your gear is to help improve your techniques and presentation.

RODS:When I am carp fishing I carry an 8 weight. The general consensus is using a 7-9 weight. Personally I feel most comfortable with a fast action 8 weight (not super fast.) The most important aspect is that you can make a clean shot at 30-40 feet in one or two back casts. A few options that I use are the Thomas and Thomas Zone, Sage Maverick, TFO Axiom II-X and TFO LK Legacy all in 9ft 8wt.

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REELS: Your reel is much more important in carp fishing than in trout fishing. These fish are much bigger and if you are targeting them in big water there is always a chance to see the backing. As long as your reel balances the rod, can hold around 150 yards of backing, and has a smooth drag you are golden. Personally I love Lamson reels. Anything from the liquid 7+ to the litespeed 7+ has always been a staple for me.

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LINES: One thing I am constantly telling people in the shop is do not skimp on the fly line. Without the right fly line your rod can not do the work it is made to do. Your line helps to improve your presentation and the speed of your shot. Since we are throwing smaller flies in shallow water the floating line should not have a giant beefy head on it. I use the SA amplitude smooth infinity in the spring/fall and SA amplitude smooth redfish warm in the summer. These lines are great for picking up quickly and not slapping a heavy line down on the water.  

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LEADERS & TIPPET: The length and thickness of leader and tippet will depend on the water clarity. Most of the time I am fishing a 9ft 1x leader and a 3ft section of 1x or 2x fluorocarbon tippet. If the water is extremely clear I will try to get my total leader length to 14ft with 3x fluorocarbon attached to the fly. 

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MISCELLANEOUS: One of the most important pieces of gear that should not be missed is a good pair of polarized sunglasses. Everyone’s eyes are different, so different lenses work better for certain people. I opt for a copper lens with a frame that has the best eye coverage. Something like the Smith Optics Barra or Guide Choice are great when it comes to creating the minimal amount of light penetration. Another piece of advice is to wear muted color clothing. These are very spooky fish, any way to keep your body hidden is always a plus. 

If you have any questions about gear for targeting please reach out to me at the Lancaster store or give us a call 7174864646 ext 2.

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